CBCT®  Liability Waiver

CBCT® Liability Waiver

Participants must read the following consent to participate, release, and waiver. Participants in Cognitively-Based Compassion Training (“CBCT”) events must understand and complete this waiver in order to register for CBCT courses. If you do not understand or agree to the waiver or have questions about it, please contact the Center for Contemplative Science & Compassion-Based Ethics at cbct@emory.edu before registering. I, the undersigned, consent to participate in a CBCT event and accept full responsibility for my health and voluntarily complete this Consent to Participate, Release, and Waiver of Liability. I agree to enter this consent, release, and wavier of liability. I understand and agree that the services and tools offered by the Center for Contemplative Science & Compassion-Based Ethics are not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. CBCT is not a therapeutic intervention for any disorders identified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or any other medical reference, and is not intended to be used as such. I acknowledge that the CBCT event may at times make participants feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. By completing this consent, release, and waiver of liability, I assume all risks for any physical or mental consequences of participating in the CBCT event. By signing this consent, release, and waiver of liability, and in consideration for Emory University allowing me to participate in the CBCT event, I also specifically and expressly agree to hold harmless, indemnify, and release Emory University, and all training staff, and their respective employees, collaborators, agents, associates, and affiliates from any and all liability arising from my participation in the CBCT event or arising from the results of the educational guidance and other content that will be or has been provided in the CBCT event. I also acknowledge and agree that any personal information shared in the CBCT event by other participants is to be maintained as confidential. I will not disclose any personal information shared in the CBCT event outside the CBCT event or in any form of media. I further acknowledge and agree that participating in this CBCT event does not entitle participants to: i) teach or further distribute any content presented; or ii) represent themselves as sponsored by or otherwise affiliated or connected with the Center for Contemplative Science & Compassion-Based Ethics or Emory University. I understand that Emory University may terminate my participation in the CBCT event: (i) at any time in its sole discretion; or (ii) if I violate the terms of this agreement or Emory University Policies or Procedures. I have read this document carefully and I consent to and voluntarily choose to participate in the CBCT event described herein. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, I am legally competent, and I am signing this document with full knowledge that it is a legally binding agreement under Georgia law.

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The CBCT® program includes a growing number of certified instructors and is regularly expanding its programming and research areas. We welcome offers of support and ideas for new applications or populations who may benefit from learning the core CBCT® concepts and skills. Please contact the CBCT team for all inquiries, cbct@emory.edu or call 404.727.8166.