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What We Do

Undergraduate Programs 

Current Courses: We currently offer four undergraduate courses: 

  • Principles of Secular Ethics: The Dalai Lama's Approach - REL354R
  • Tibetan Buddhism: The Psychology of Enlightenment - REL306
  • Religion and Healing: Buddhist Meditation - REL358 / HLTH385
  • CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training) – PE285 Special Topics

Mind-Body Sciences Summer Abroad Program

In collaboration with the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics and Drepung Loseling Monastery, the Emory Mind-Body Sciences program offers students the opportunity to join an emerging dialogue between contemplative science and the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. On this five-week summer study abroad program in Dharamsala and Mundgod, India, students learn from leading members of the Tibetan exile community. In conjunction with the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, students will also have the opportunity to actively engage with Tibetan monastics studying philosophy of science, biology, neuroscience, and physics.

The current courses offered through this program are:

  • Mind, Medicine and Healing - REL358 / HLTH385 / IDS385                
  • Culture of Buddhist Tibet - REL331 / ANT385 / MESAS390 / HLTH385 
  • Buddhist Meditation and Debate - REL370

For more information on applying, please visit the Emory Office of International and Summer Programs Abroad:

Graduate and Professional Programs  

Currently, the center has a formal collaboration with the Emory School of Medicine through the CBCT® program and works with other graduate-level schools and programs on an ad hoc basis. This may take the form of guest lecturing on secular ethics in existing courses (e.g., Goizueta Business School), offering CBCT® courses (e.g., Emory School of Law), or facilitating research around contemplative science. 

We encourage graduate students to participate in the Contemplative Science Seminar Series. This forum provides a space to create connections across the university and to present research for feedback from a community of scholars. 

Contemplative Science Seminar Series 

The Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics hosts a monthly seminar with an interdisciplinary group of Emory faculty, postdocs, staff, students, and community members who meet to discuss and investigate topics relevant to emerging work in the fields of contemplative science and secular ethics.  

Research Collaborations  

The Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics has two main research programs: SEE Learning™ (a K–12 program for fostering compassion) and CBCT® (a compassion-training course for all ages). We collaborate with scientists and scholars from a range of disciplines, including neuroscientists, anthropologists, medical professionals, and psychologists. 

We continually welcome proposals from both the Emory community and other institutions for research collaborations investigating the science of compassion. We offer undergraduate opportunities in research through directed study focused on research around the SEE Learning™ K–12 program or CBCT® as an intervention. 

Please review our bibliography of published research. 

Get Involved/Contact

If you have questions regarding our undergraduate programs  or are interested in participating in or presenting to the Contemplative Science Seminar Series, please contact Hannah Smith (