Staff with Dalai Lama



A compassionate and ethical world for all.


Promote human flourishing by developing educational programs, facilitating dialogue, and engaging in research. 


Common Humanity

Embrace contemplative traditions and honor basic human values while embodying kindness and compassion. 

We appreciate what it means to be human and embrace vulnerability, forgiveness, and gratitude. We approach all endeavors with the one-ness of humanity in mind. Authenticity, trust, humility, and fairness guide our daily interactions. 


The convergence of science and spirituality guides our work. 

We inspire compassionate engagement. We foster dialogue and exchange while embracing inclusivity, the true manifestation of diversity. We appreciate and expect accountability from ourselves and others. 


Transformation of heart and mind manifests from the power of human potential. People can change. 

We facilitate compassion, self-awareness, and resiliency. We aim for compassionate engagement that empowers complete, well-rounded human beings. 


Critical inquiry challenges us to discover and apply new knowledge

We actively cultivate learning and adaptation in all areas of human technologies, educational practices, and research. We are dedicated to continuous evaluation and improvement.