Contemplative Science Seminar with Dr. Arri Eisen and Dr. Bobbi Patterson

Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics Seminar Archives

Contemplative Science Seminar Archives


February 17, 2021 – 

Eboni Bugg, LCSW, Director of Programs for the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, drew on her personal and professional experiences with Clinical Social Work, Buddhism, Yoga, and Mindfulness, to explore how the sacred act of bearing witness and radical listening are powerful contemplative tools that can be used to discern and to act.

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November 18, 2020 – 

Elizabeth Hearn, Director, and Ayodele Harrison, Assistant Director, of the CREATE Teacher Residency, presented on how they have tailored CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training) to support educators in fifteen Atlanta Public Schools. Funded primarily by an innovation grant from the US Department of Education, CREATE is showing remarkable outcomes and attracting national attention for promoting teacher resilience and effectiveness and curbing burnout and attrition.

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October 21, 2020 – 

Thaddeus Pace, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona and Edgar González Hernández, PhD, Full Time Professor at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, México, spoke on how CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training) can be helpful in promoting wellbeing in breast cancer survivors and those who care for them. Their research findings have shown that when CBCT® is practiced with commitment and over time, it can gradually transform challenging habits of the mind into those that facilitate healing and flourishing.

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September 16, 2020 – 

Charles Raison, MD, Director of Research on Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare, spoke on a unique collaboration between the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion Based-Ethics and Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare to provide compassion-based interventions for both patients and healthcare providers. His talk explored data suggesting that CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training) has psychological and biological effects known to enhance resilience and wellbeing. Further, he discussed recent efforts to adapt and implement the insights and practices of CBCT into novel interventions delivered by Spiritual Health clinicians.

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The Contemplative Science Seminar will be held online for Fall 2020!

The dates for this fall are:

  • September 16th from 4:00-5:00pm
  • October 21st from 4:00 – 5:00pm
  • November 18th from 4:00 – 5:00pm

Stay tuned for more details including seminar speaker announcements and the webinar link. If you would like to be added to the seminar email list, please email


February 19, 2020 –

Bobbi Patterson, PhD, Professor of Pedagogy, Associate Director of the Graduate Division of Religion, presented on her newly published book, Building Resilience Through Contemplative Practice: A Field Manual for Helping Professionals and Volunteers, which recasts burnout as a normal and necessary phase of service – not a signal of failed will or selfishness.


January 15, 2020 –

Arri Eisen, PhD, Professor of Pedagogy, offered insights from his journey of collaborative research with Tibetan monks and nuns and what the integration of Buddhism and science has taught. He spoke to the nature of the cross-cultural opportunities and challenges, and plans for developing a new type of contemplative investigator.


November 11, 2019

The Contemplative Science Seminar will return for Spring 2020 featuring scholars from a variety of disciplines!

Unlike previous semesters, the seminar will take place on the THIRD Wednesday of every month. It will be held in the Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (PAIS) room 220 from 4-5pm. More announcements to come!


November 6, 2019

Tyralynn Frazier, PhD, MPH, Associate Research Scientist, SEE Learning, Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics

Dr. Frazier discussed the potential benefits and challenges of cultivating compassion in K-12 education, as well as the Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning program and the research being developed to expand understanding of compassion cultivation in children and adolescents.


October 2, 2019

Briana Woods-Jaeger, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Sciences & Health Education, Rollins School of Public Health

Dr. Woods-Jaeger presented her research on incorporating mindfulness into cultural humility training for educators and increasing access to culturally-relevant mindfulness-based interventions for African American parents.


September 4, 2019

David Addiss, PhD, Director of the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) at the Task Force for Global Health, Founder of the Center For Compassion & Global Health

Dr. Addiss presented emerging work to promote compassion in a global health context. His lecture addressed challenges of extending compassion on a wide scale, the growing need for better compassion metrics, and the epidemiology of compassion.


May 1, 2019

Yoona Kang, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Communications Neuroscience Lab, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Kang presented research on the effect of self-transcendence, or the drive to benefit others beyond self-interest. She focused specifically on whether and how self-transcendence may alter neural signals during health message exposure and subsequent health behavior change.


March 21, 2019

Robert Roeser, PhD, Bennett Pierce Professor of Caring and Compassion, Penn State University 

In conjunction with Tibet Week, Dr. Roeser presented about “Education and the Science of Compassion” – a fascinating overview of what science tells us about the role compassion plays in social-emotional development and how contemplative practices can enhance the effectiveness of schools and other educational institutions.


March 6, 2019

Jennifer Goetz, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Centre College

Dr. Goetz is a social and cultural psychologist from Centre College whose research addresses emotional experience and expression, cultural values, and Chinese culture. In her session, Dr. Goetz presented her research on, “Who Deserves to Suffer? Cultural Variation in Sympathy and Responses to Suffering.”


February 6, 2019

Stephanie Evans, PhD, Professor and Chair, African American Studies

Africana Women’s Studies & History, Clark Atlanta University 

Dr. Evans presented on, “Historical Wellness: Five Self-Care Traditions in Black Women’s Centenarian Memoirs.” Her research focused on meditation, music, prayer, yoga, and exercise in African American elder women’s narratives, and how intellectual history can contribute to contemporary studies of race, gender, and mental health.


December 5, 2018

Lynne Borden, PhD, Department of Family Social Sciences, University of  Minnesota

Dr. Borden presented her research focused on using community-based methods to promote positive development of young people and their families.


November 7, 2018

Nancy Thompson, PhD, Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences Health Education, Rollins School of Public Health

Dr. Thompson spoke about adapting Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for African American and Hispanic populations using a distance delivered depression management system that she developed called “Project UPLIFT.”


October 3, 2018 – 

Paul Verhaeghen, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Dr. Verhaeghen addressed ideas from his book, Presence: How Mindfulness and Meditation Shape Your Brain, Mind and Life.


September 5, 2018 – 

Jennifer Mascaro, PhD, Department of Family and Preventative Medicine Marianne Florian, MA, MTS, Graduate Department of Religion

Dr. Jennifer Mascaro and Marianne Florian addressed the question, “What is Contemplative Science?” The presentation drew from specific examples from Dr. Mascaro’s emerging research with CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training).


May 2, 2018 --

Brendan Ozawa-de Silva, PhD, D. Phil, Associate Direction for SEE Learning at the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics Lindy Settevendemie, MAT, Project Coordinator for SEE Learning at the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics


April 4, 2018

Inaugural Seminar – “How is Contemplative Science Relevant to Your Field: An Interdisciplinary Panel on the Emerging Field of Contemplative Science.” 

Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics

Bobbi Patterson, PhD, Professor of Pedagogy, Associate Director of the Graduate Division of Religion           

Arri Eisen, PhD, Professor of Pedagogy

Sherryl Goodman, PhD, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology